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Before the event
How does the event work?

The Student World is dedicated to helping students like you discover the numerous educational opportunities available around the world. You will connect with representatives from universities, language schools, colleges, government agencies and many more international institutions.

Is the event free?

Yes, you only need to register at www.thestudentworld.com and present your confirmation code on the event day at the reception.

Can I bring someone with me? Do they have to register as well?

Yes, all accompanying members are welcomed.To speed up the entrance to the event, it is better for all members to register on our website. If they do not register, we will need to have them registered at the reception desk of the event.

Is there any promotional material, like folders, brochures and such that I might be able to give to my friends/ students?

Our marketing is basically all online. Complete information on the event including information on exhibitors can be found at www.thestudentworld.com

I'm a professor and wish for all my students to attend the event. Do I have to register all my students or is it enough to have only my registration?

It's better that all students do their own registration online. If this is not possible, they will all have to register at the reception.

Do I have to print the confirmation code and take it to the event or can I have it on my cellphone or tablet?

You can present the confirmation code on your smartphone, tablet or any other eletronic device.

I registered for the event but my status appears as pending. Can I still join the event?

Yes, you will only need to inform the reception at the event with your email address.

I'm a parent and would like to take my children to the event. Do they need to register?

Yes. Only children under the age of 12 do not need to register to attend the event.

I lost the email where I had my confirmation. Can I still join the event?

Yes, when you arrive at the event, be sure to show your email address that you registered with at the reception desk.

I registered for the wrong city. Can I change it?

Yes, you can re-register once again and choose the correct city. The previous registration will be voided.

I can't attend when the fair begins. Can I still attend later?

The fair schedule is free and you can choose to arrive whenever is most convenient for you. We recommend not arriving too late to give you enough time to see all the institutions.

The system says that I have an account already but I don't remember my password. How can I get a new one?

To get a new password, go to Totally blanking on my password, submit your e-mail address and the system will send you a new one.

During the event
Are there free seminars I can attend during the event? How can I have access to the schedule?

Yes. The seminars are free and they continuously run during the event every 40 minutes. The schedule is available at www.thestudentworld.com

After the event
After the event do you offer an attendance certificate?

Yes, all you have to do is to send us an e-mail to info@edufindme.com with your full name, date and place of the event in which you participated in.

How can I keep in touch with an institution after the event?

When you registered for the event, you created automatically an account on EduFindMe.com (The Social Network for Studying Abroad). Your log in access will be the same e-mail and password, you used to register for the fair. Once logged-in you can look for the schools/universities of your preference, check their profiles and contact them directly.



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