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The Student World is dedicated to helping students like you realise their dream of studying outside of the UK. Over the last few years, we have helped thousands of students by informing them of the numerous study abroad opportunities available. Once a year we organize The Student World Fair where students meet with international universities and governments to explore multiple areas in the world in one go!

"31,078 UK students chose to study abroad in 2017, showing a steady year on year increase."Source: Unesco

An Official event, supported by Government agencies

Unsure where or what to study overseas? Well, you're not alone!

Every year thousands of British students apply to study overseas but the majority feels lost during the process.

Studying overseas is easier than you think!

4 steps to study overseas

  • 1

    Research your options

    Learn about the variety of options available: Location, Programmes, Costs, Accommodation, Benefits...

  • 2

    Select a programme

    Compare the options and find the right one for you

  • 3

    Start your Application process

    Understand the requirements needed. It's easier than you think!

  • 4

    Learn about student VISA requirements

    Become familiar with student visa requirements and allow plenty of time to prepare your application.

All the information you need in one place

Get advice on everything you need to get ready for your experience abroad

  • Chat Live with high ranked international universities from all over the world!

  • Compare hundreds of courses and find the right one for you!

  • Learn how easy the application process can actually be!

  • Compare the costs and prices of your favorite destinations!

  • Learn from official Government agencies how to apply for your student visa!

  • Learn about the opportunities to work during and after your programme!

Lower tuition fees

Want to study at a prestigious International university for less than you might think?

Many International universities have much lower tuition fees and cost of living can be cheaper overseas as well!

Where to study?


Higher education in China has gone from strength to strength in recent years, with an increasing number of institutes appearing among the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2018.

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Where to study?


The Netherlands has been a top destination for Irish students for the past couple of years. Students have been attracted by the range of courses taught in English, a student-centered style of teaching, low tuition fees and the possibility of access to grants and loans.

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Where to study?

United States

The USA has the highest number of world ranked universities and is the most popular study destination for students all over the world. You will be spoiled for choice in the states as they have the largest selection of higher education establishments in the world and no doubt they will probably have the programme you want to study.

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Where to study?


Looking for an unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime? 263,000 international students selected Canada in 2016 for a premier education, access to global career opportunities and an exciting cross-cultural experience.

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Where to study?


It’s affordable to study in France because their government spends a large amount of money funding the education system. You can spend your weekends visiting the museums, eating frog’s legs, cheese, mussels, fresh baguette, and croissants.

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Where to study?


Australia is a leading global education powerhouse for local and international students with some of the world's best universities. The country is the third most popular international student destination in the world with 5 out of the 30 best student cities.

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Where to study?


If you’re looking for some Scandinavian cool, Denmark is only a stone’s throw from the UK. You’ll find a strong educational tradition, but with an innovative twist. There are hundreds of courses taught in English and no tuition fees.

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Where to study?


Sunshine, great food, rich heritage and gorgeous surroundings; you’ll settle in nicely. Spain has developed a diverse, multicultural student population, which has made the Spanish education system one of the most attractive in Europe.

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Where to study?

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe might not seem like an obvious choice for studying but places such as Bulgaria, Hungary, and Lithuania are becoming increasingly popular with international students, particularly those interested in science-related degrees such as medicine and veterinary science.

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Where to study?


Studying in Italy provides students with an exciting opportunity to absorb its culture. With many historic cities throughout Italy, there is much to learn. The Italian higher education consists of two main articulations, the university sector, and non-university sector.

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Where to study?


Switzerland, a hop away from the UK, offers a number of opportunities for students, including Bachelor's degree programmes taught in English at a number of institutions, including private specialist hospitality colleges.

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Higher chances to increase your career earnings

Chat LIVE with colleges and universities with high job placement rates!

Explore potential career options under the guidance of professionals at the universities' career services department.

Start your application process with knowledge of work opportunities during and after graduation.

"A study of CEOs from some of the world’s largest companies (as per the Forbes Global 2000 rankings) has found that around a third of the most prominent executives in the business world benefited from international education."

Not convinced yet?

6 reasons to study overseas


Boost your self-confidence and gain independence

Encounter a whole new range of situations, learn how to deal with new problems and handle unforseen circumstances, making you more independent and self-sufficient.


Be close to home while you study abroad

Meet a diverse range of people from different cultures and mindsets. An opportunity to experience a completely new way of life just a short flight from home.


Lower Tuition Fees

International universities can have a variety of tuition fees. Some can be unbelievably low whilst at the same time still offer a very high standard of education. Meet them all at The Student World Fair.


Gain a global outlook

Become a leader with a global mindset. Understand different cultures and political and economic systems in other countries, and understand how their global industry works.


Great job opportunities await you after you graduate

Stand out from the crowd and impress your future employer! In our globalised society, international experience will help you immensely when it comes to getting your dream job.


Study Abroad in English

All the international universities at the Fair offer full programmes in English. So yes, you can study in English but you will also have the opportunity to learn a new language, make countless memories, forge friendships that last a lifetime, and grow and develop personally in ways you never imagined!

"The number of workers who will take on global assignments will rise by 50 percent over the next decade."Source: Research by PwC

What students are saying about their experience overseas


Charlotte Black

Charlotte Black
United Kingdom


Lavinda Richards

Lavinda Richards
United Kingdom

Colorado, USA

Colorado State University - Pueblo

Why did you decide to study abroad?

I knew that I wanted to study in the US from the age of 13 as it would give me the opportunity to fulfil both my academic and sporting goals. I have been playing tennis since the age of 7 and wanted to continue playing while I obtained my degree. Another major factor for me was doing something different and experiencing something new. The US has a large number of world class universities that offer a very high level of education. College sports are also much more important in the US than the UK and being a student-athlete allows you to obtain a high level of education as well as pursuing your sport... Read more

David Mould

David Mould
London, United Kingdom

Lausanne, Switzerland

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

Why did you decide to study abroad?

I believe it was down to chance finding the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, (affectionately known as EHL) and a want to break from the mould of progression from boarding school to a Russell Group university. There seemed to be more excitement in discovering a beautiful country that offered a hugely different and diverse course. One that also is less favourably looked on in the UK and not offered to the same high level like in Switzerland. Lastly, I thought it made for a more interesting life story, which it certainly has... Read more

Charles Freeman

Charles Freeman
United Kingdom

Lausanne, Switzerland

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

Why did you decide to study abroad?

To experience a new culture and way of life; to push myself out of my comfort zone; and to take the opportunity to study a degree in an area that was not available to be at this level of quality in my home country.

How did you find the application process?

Very straight-forward, easy and intuitive. Responses to questions were always swift and precise... Read more

Marina Campbell

Marina Campbell
Oxford, United Kingdom


Day in the Life

Day in the Life
United Kingdom

Where in the world is
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How can I keep in touch with an institution after the event?

When you registered for the event, you created automatically an account on (The Social Network for Studying Abroad). Your log in access will be the same e-mail and password, you used to register for the fair. Once logged-in you can look for the schools/universities of your preference, check their profiles and contact them directly.


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